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Service:Post- Marital checkups add another, change

People seem to smile upon Pre-martial counseling, but when it comes to post-martial counseling they assume the worst. Post-martial counseling is just as important for both the newlyweds and the more seasoned couples. Once the honeymoon is over it has been my practice to schedule a post marital counseling session approximately three months after “the big day” to help ensure that my newlyweds are off to a good start. The goal is to walk them through any remaining issues prior to marriage, or new issues that may have arose. 

Post-martial counseling will help the couple make the proper adjustments with issues such as; finances, sex, communication, In-laws, children, work and home life, and other issues a couple may face after marriage. From here, steps toward fixing the issues at hand, like scheduling time together via “date nights” for couples who wish to stay together can take place. If working these issues out isn’t a possibility, you can still expect me to offer the best possible insight into how to handle the separation for both members of the relationship. Whether you are newlyweds or a seasoned couple, or just looking to make a move in the right direction, post-martial counseling clearly is the right solution for you.

Staff: Lamar Thompson
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